Multitasking Data Analyzer Demodulator and Decoder for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT fully remote controllable


A brief presentation of the "Beta Verison"

The new Windows version opens a complete new world of decoding.

With the help of the multitasking environment you can easily change all parameter in any open window and can watch the result with one view. Functions like auto tune, auto decoding aso are going without saying.

Beside that the number of decoder has grown and will satisfy any request! 

The layout of the windows make decoding easy with a mouse click.

Spectrum analyzer with Shift Speed Measurement


Oscilloscope, Demodulator and decoder output with bit pattern in one view

Several modules of the software can be displayed in the multitasking environment like spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, mode output and bit pattern

Decoder for Baudot

By switching between the mode and screen control all parameters can be selected very fast. You even can play a wave file on your computer and decode it immediatly.

The cursor controls the center frequency and the filter bandwidth

Decoder for NUM13

Decoder for MEROD/RAC-ARQ

Decoder for SKYFAX MSN

Decoder for MIL 188-141 / ALE with spectrum